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 I enjoy the process of creating and crafting an environment where my clients grow, laugh, dream, learn and live. My team closely collaborates on each project and this spirit of collaboration extends to our clients, local artisans, craftspeople, subcontractors and others working on the house. We bring everyone together early in the design process and value all input.

We visit sites frequently during design to get a feel for the best building location. All of our projects allow clients to enjoy year-round outdoor living and working environments. We generate private courtyards by framing the yard with the house, garage, and other structures. 

Bringing exterior materials indoors—stone, wood and steel—and filling rooms with daylight are just two ways we do this in each project. We also value the art of traditional building methods by mixing them with innovative techniques, applications and technology.

The mission at Elizabeth Haynes Architects is to think holistically about the project from the beginning of design through to the last detail. We improve our clients' quality of life by delivering artfully crafted projects and unique living environments. We are passionate about our work and enjoy developing ideas into livable reality.


Elizabeth Haynes

Elizabeth Haynes AIA



Christopher Verette


Daniela Gallardo


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